Nº12 Jan Sprenger


Section A.

Jan Sprenger (Germany)


1.g4+ The only move that does not lose on the spot.
1.Ra5+? Kf6 2.Rxg2 Qxf7+ 3.Kh4 Qb7 4.Rg1 Qb4+–+
1.Rxg2?? g6+ 2.Kh4 Qh6#

1…Kf4 2.g5!
The ending after 2.Rxg2? Qc5+ 3.g5 Qxa7 4.Rg4+ Kf3 5.Bd5+ Kxf2 6.Rf4+ Kg3 7.Rf3+ Kh2–+ is lost.

2…g6+ 3.Kh4 Qc5 4.Ra4+ Kf3 5.Bd5+! Qxd5 6.Rg4 Bh1! thematic move Black disturbs the coordination of the white rooks before implementing his main plan.
Black’s logical try 6…h5?! 7.Rg3+ Kxf2 fails because the white rooks are connected: 8.R3xg2+ /R1xg2+ 8…Qxg2 9.Rxg2+ Kxg2 stalemate;
correction try 6…Bf1!? 7.Rxf1 h5 8.Rg3+ Ke2 9.Rgg1 Qf3 10.Re1+ Kd2 11.Rd1+ Kc2 12.Rc1+=

7.Rxh1 h5!
7…h6 8.Rg3+ Kxf2 9.Rh2+ Kf1 10.Rhg2 h5 11.Rg1+ Kf2 12.R1g2+ /R3g2+ 12…Qxg2 13.Rxg2+ Kxg2 stalemate

8.gxh6?? Qh5#
8.Ra4? eg 8…Kg2 9.Rha1 Qf3–+

8…Ke2!? 9.Re3+! (9.Rh2? Qe4+ 10.f4+ Kf1 11.Rh1+ Qxh1 12.Rg2 eg 12…Qxg2 no stalemate) 9…Kxf2 10.Rhe1 Qd4+ 11.Re4 Qd3 12.R1e2+ /Re3 with transposition 12…Qxe2 13.Rxe2+ Kxe2 14.Kg3 Ke3 15.Kh4! Kf4 stalemate

9.Rg2+? Kxg2! shows the difference to the try 6… h5: Black can take on g2 with the king.(9…Qxg2? 10.Rh2=)

9…Kf1 Now Qe4+ looks lethal, but White still has a shot: 10.Rh1+! thematic move The first rook sacrifice draws the queen to h1… 10…Qxh1 11.Rg2!! …and the second closes the door behind her! 11…Ke1 12.Rg1+! Qxg1 stalemate

Both Black and White sacrifice a piece in the corner. The Rg2 tactic and the final position is based on Sprenger & Minski, Neidze MT 2021: https://eg.org.ua/chessgame/minskim-sprengerj–0270–45g4e2/