Nº24 Jan Timman


Section B.1.

Jan Timman (Netherlands)



1.b7? a3 2.Rc5 Bg4! 3.b8Q Rxb8 4.Bxd5 Bxe2! 5.Kxe2 Kg1 6.Rxc4 Rb1=

Main- 1…Kh2 2.f5! a3! (2…gxf5 3.Nxc4! dxc4 (3…f4 4.gxf4 dxc4 5.Bxg2 a3 6.Be4 Rxb6 7.Ra8+-) 4.Bxg2+-) 3.Bc6! gxf5 (3…Ne3 4.Kxe3 gxf5 5.Kf2 c3 6.dxc3 Rxb6 7.Nb5+-) 4.Nb5! (Try: 4.b7? Ne3! 5.dxe3? (5.Kxe3 a2 6.Ra8 Kg2= eg 7.Bb5 h2 8.b8Q h1Q 9.Kd4 a1Q+) 5…f4 6.exf4 c3=) 4…c3! (4…Ne3 5.dxe3 a2 6.Ra8+-) 5.dxc3 (5.Nd4!? f4 6.Nf3+ Kh1 7.dxc3 Ne3 8.gxf4 Rxb6=) 5…a2 6.Ra8 Ne3! 7.Kxe3 Kxg3 8.b7 (8.Kd4? h2 9.b7 h1Q 10.b8Q+ Kg4 11.g6 a1Q 12.Rxa1 Qe4+ 13.Kc5 Rxa1=) 8…f4+ 9.Kd4 h2 10.b8Q (or 10.Rxa2 first) 10…h1Q 11.Rxa2 Qe4+ 12.Kc5 Qc4+ 13.Kd6 Qxa2 14.Kxe6 d4+ 15.Kf6! Qc4! (15…dxc3 16.Nxc3+-) 16.Qe8! (16.Qd6? dxc3 17.Na3 Rd1 18.Qxd1 Qxc6+=) 16…dxc3 17.g6 c2 18.g7 c1Q 19.g8Q+ Qxg8 20.Qxg8+ Kf2 21.Qg2++- eg 21…Ke1 22.Qh1+ Kd2 23.Qd5+ Ke1 24.Nd4 Qc3 25.Qe5 winning the f-pawn, guaranteeing an easy technical win.

2.f5? h2! 3.dxc3 a3= eg 4.Bc6 Rf1+ 5.Kxf1 Ne3+ 6.Kf2 Ng4+

2…Ne3! 3.Kxe3 Kg1
3…a3 4.Kf2+-

4.f5? a3! 5.Bc6 a2 6.Ra8 h2= eg 7.fxe6 h1Q 8.e7 d4+ 9.cxd4 Qxc6 10.e8Q Qxd6 11.Rxa2 Qxg3+ 12.Ke4 Qg4+

4…dxc4 5.f5! Bxf5
5…gxf5 6.Rd8 a3 7.Rd2 h2 8.g6 h1Q 9.Bxh1 Kxh1 10.Kf2+-

6.g4! Bxg4 7.b7 a3 8.Rd8! a2 9.Rd1+ Kh2
9…Rxd1 10.b8Q a1Q 11.Qg3++- The diagonal b8-h2 was cleared by White’s pawn sacrifices on move 5 and 6.

10.Kf2! Bf3! Starting to play for stalemate.
10…a1Q 11.Rh1+! Kxh1 (11…Rxh1 12.b8Q#) 12.b8Q++-

11.Kxf3 Rxb7! 12.Ra1!
12.Bxb7? a1Q 13.Rxa1= stalemate

12…Rf7+ 13.Ke3+-

13.Rxa2 Ra1! 14.Rb2!
14.Rd2? Rxa8 15.e4+ Kg1 16.Kg3 Kf1 17.Kxh3 Ke1=
14.Rxa1= stalemate

14…Rxa8 15.e4+ Kg1 16.Kg3 Kf1 17.Kxh3 Ra3 18.Kg4!
18.Kg3? Rxc3+ 19.Kf4 Rd3!(1) 20.e5 c3 21.Rc2 Ke1 22.Ke4 Rg3 23.e6 Kd1 24.e7 Kxc2 25.e8Q Rxg5 26.Kd4 Rg4+!=
18.e5? Ra5=

18…Rxc3 19.e5!
19.Kf4? Rd3! =Similar to (1)

19… Re3
19…Rd3 20.Rb6! c3 21.Rxg6+-

20.Kf4 c3 21.Rc2+-