Nº27 Oleg Pervakov & Karen Sumbatyan


Section B.1.

Oleg Pervakov & Karen Sumbatyan (Russia)


1.Kg7? a2 2.h7 a1Q 3.Kxf7 Qxe5=
1.Nc3? Kxb7 2.Kg7 Bxe5+ 3.Kxf7 Bxc3–+

1…a2 2.exf7 a1Q+ 3.f6 Qa3 4.Kg7+-
1…Bxe6 2.fxe6 a2 3.e7 a1Q+ 4.Nf6 Qe5 5.e8Q Qxe8+ 6.Nxe8+ Kxb7 7.h7 a3 8.Kg8 Be5 9.Nd6+! Ka6 10.Nc4 a2 11.Nxe5+-

2.Nc3 exf5!
2…Kxb7 3.f6! Be5 4.Na2+-
2…gxf5 3.Kg7 Be8 4.h7 Ba7 (4…Kxb7 5.Kf6+-) 5.Nb5+! Bxb5 6.b8Q+ Bxb8 7.h8Q+-

3.h7? Kxb7 4.Kg7 Be5+ 5.Kxf7 Bxc3–+

Without unblocking c3-square for white king: 3…a2 4.Nxa2 Bxa2 5.h7 Kxb7 6.Kf6 Ba7 7.Ke5 Bb8+ 8.Kd4 Ba7+ 9.Kc3!+-

4.h7 Kxb7 5.Kf6 Ba7 6.e3!
6.Ke5?! Bb8+ 7.Kd4 Ba7+ 8.Kd3? (8.Ke5 Bb8+ 9.Kf6 Ba7 10.e3!+- and so on) 8…Bc2+! 9.Kc4 Bb3+ 10.Kd3 Bc2+ 11.Kxc2 Bd4 12.Nb5 Bh8 13.Nxa3 Kc6=

6…Bxe3 7.Ke5 Bd2 8.Kd4 Bxc3+
8…a2 9.Nxa2 Bxa2 10.h8Q Bxg5 11.Qg7++-

9.Kxc3 a2 10.Kb2 a3+ 11.Ka1!+- The arrow of white king h8-a1 in the win study