Nº8 Michael Pasman


Section A.2.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.Nb7!! First white forces black to move the pawn to c2
Thematic try : 1.Ke2? Nf5! 2.Nc6 Kd6 3.Nb4 Kc5 4.Nd3+ (4.Nxb1 Kxb4; 4.Na6+ Kd4 5.Nb5+ Kc4 6.Na3+ Kb3) 4…Bxd3+ 5.Kxd3 Kb4–+
1.Nxb1? c2–+
1.Nc6? Kd6! 2.Nb4 Kc5! 3.Na6+ Kd4–+

1…Nf5 2.Nc5+ Kd5 3.Nxa4=
1…Kd5 2.Nxb1 c2 3.Nc3+=
1…Bg6 2.Nc5+ Kd5 3.Nxa4=
1…Ke5 2.Nc5 c2 3.Nd3+ Kd4 as main

2.Nc5+ Kd5

2…Ke5 3.Nd3+ the same

3.Nd3 Kd4

3…Nf5 4.Ke2 Kd4 5.Kd2= with the king on d2 white draws, because c2 pawn is attacked with the knight also

4.Ke2! Kc3
4…Nf5 5.Kd2=
4…Ne6 5.Kd2=

5.Nb5+! Kc4 6.Nd6+!
6.Na3+? Kb3–+

6…Kc3 7.Nb5+!
Thematic try : 7.Ne4+? Kd4 8.Nd6 Ne6! 9.Kd2 Ng5! white has no time to attack c2 pawn : 10.Ne1 Kc5! 11.Nb7+ Kc6! 12.Na5+ Kb5! 13.Nb7 a3! and on 14.Nxc2 for example 14…a2 15.Na1 Kb4 16.Kc1 Ne4–+ etc.

7…Kb3 8.Nd6!! Surprising switchback , moving away the knight from taking control on a3 square.
8.Nc1+? Kb4 9.Nd6 Ne6!–+
8.Kd2? Nf5! 9.Nc1+ Kb4–+
8.Nd4+? Kc4!–+

8…Ne6 9.Kd2÷; 8…a3 9.Kd2! Ne6 10.Nc1+=
8…Kc3 9.Nb5+ Kb3 (9…Kc4 10.Nd6+ Kd5 11.Nb5=) 10.Nd6!= returns again

9.Nxf5 c1N+! Phenix
9…c1Q 10.Nd4+ Kc4 11.Nxc1 Kxd4 12.Kd2 is also draw

10.Nxc1+ Kc2 11.Nb3!!
11.Nd3? Kc3! 12.Nc5 a3–+
Logical try : 11.Nd4+ Kxc1 12.Nb5 Bf5 /g6 13.Ke3 Kc2!–+ (13…Kb2 14.Kd2 is as main line position X)

11…Kxb3 12.Nd4+ Kc3!

12…Kb2 13.Nb5 Bf5 14.Kd2= position X

13.Nb5+ Kc2 Similar to position X, but the bishop is on b1 14.Ke3! Ba2 15.Na3+!
15.Kd4? Be6–+ /f7

15…Kb2 16.Kd2! Kxa3
16…Be6 17.Nb5=

17.Kc2= zz

4 knight sacrifices – 2 for white and 2 for black, including black Phenix