Nº24 Michael Pasman


Section A.1.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.Rb5! Cutting the king and trapping it in the corner
1.Kb4? Kb7! 2.Kc5 Kc7=
1.Rd6!? Bf5=
1.Rc5? Kb7 /a7 2.Kb4 Kb6 3.Kc4 h4! 4.Kd4 h3= is not enough

1…Bf5 2.g3!+-

2.Rb6! Bf5 3.Kb4!
3.g3? Ka7!=

3…Ka7 4.Kc5! h4 5.Kc6!

5.Rb2? h3!=

5…h3 6.gxh3 Bxh3 7.Kc7! Bf5 8.Rc6 /d6 and black is in zugzwang – any move with bishop loses 8…Be4 9.Rc4+-

6.Kc7! Bxg2 7.Rxg6
7.Rb2? Bf1=

7…h3 8.Rh6! Position from study of Sackmann=F, 1920 8…Bf1 9.Rf6! Bg2
9…Bc4 10.Rf4 Bb5 11.Rf3 h2 12.Ra3+- Sackmann=F 1920

10.Rg6! Bf1/Be4 11.Rg1+-