Nº28 Sergey Osintsev


Section B.2.

Sergey Osintsev (Russia)


1.Rxc7? Nf7+! (1…Nbc6? 2.d8Q Nxd8 3.Rg7 d2 4.Rg1 Ndc6 5.Rd1=) 2.Kg7 Nd8 3.Rc8 Nbc6 4.Ra8+ Kb5 5.Ra2 Kc4 (5…Kxc5?=) 6.Kf6 Kc3–+ Paradoxically, but white pawn makes it difficult for the Rook to come out!
Will not help 1.Ra8+? Kb5 2.d8Q Nf7+ 3.Kg7 Nxd8 4.Rxd8 Kxc5–+;
1.d8N!? Kb5 2.Ra8 Na6! 3.Ra7 d2 4.Rb7+ Kc4 5.Rb1 Nxc5–+

1…Nf7+ 2.Kg8!
2.Kg7? Nxd8 3.Rxd8 (3.Rxc7 Ne6+–+)3…Kb5 4.Kf6 Kxc5–+

2…Nxd8 3.Rxc7! White got rid of the interfering pawn,
3.Rxd8? Kb5–+

3…Ndc6 4.Rg7(Kf8)= (4.Rd7? Nd5! 5.Rxd5 Ne7+–+)

4.Rd7(h7)? Nf6+–+

4…Nf6+ 5.Kh8! Nc6 6.Rg3(g6) d2 7.Rg1=

5.Rg3! The white Rook must immediately attack the black pawn,
5.Rg2? Kb5! 6.Rd2 Kc4! 7.Kf7 Nc7!–+

5…d2 6.Ra3+!
Thematic try 6.Rd3? Nf6+ 7.Kg7! (7.Kf8 Ne4 8.Ke8 Kb5) 7…Ne4 8.Kf8 Ka5!! Black tempo! 9.Ke8 Kb5! Seven-figure mutual zugzwang! The white King is forced to retreat 10.Kf8 (10.Rd5? Nf6+–+) 10…Kc4 11.Rxd2 Nxd2 12.Ke8 Kb5 13.Kd7 Nb3(c4) 14.Kc7 Nba5 15.Kc8 Ka6 16.Kc7 Ka7 17.Kc8 Nb3 18.Kc7 Nbd4 19.Kc8 Nb5 20.Kd7 Kb7–+ The white King could not get into the corner for a draw!

6…Kb7 7.Rd3 Nf6+ 8.Kf8 Ne4 9.Ke8! (9.Rd5? Ka6 10.Rd3 Ka5! 11.Ke8 Kb5–+) 9…Kc8 10.Kf8! Kc7 11.Ke8= positional draw.

7.Rd3 Nf6+ 8.Kf8
8.Kf7? Ne5+–+

8…Ne4 9.Ke8 black in zugzwang! 9…Ka6! Black wants to transfer the move to White by the «triangle» method
10.Kf8? Ka5! 11.Ke8 Kb5–+, but…

10.Ra3+! Na5 11.Rd3!
11.Ra1? Nc3! 12.c6 (12.Kd7 Kb5!–+) 12…Kb6! 13.Kd7 Nxc6–+

11…Nc6 12.Ra3+ Kb5 13.Rd3 Kb4 14.Rxd2!
14.Kf8? Kc4 15.Rxd2 Nxd2 16.Ke8 Kb5–+

14…Nxd2 15.Kd7 Kb5 16.Kc7(c8) Nb3 17.Kb7 Nba5+ 18.Ka8! Kxc5= stalemate. Troitsky line.