Nº12 Michal Hlinka & Lubos Kekely


Section A.2.

Michal Hlinka & Lubos Kekely (Slovakia)


try 1.Rb6? Qxf4 2.Kd7+ Kg5 3.Rbb4 Qf5+ 4.Kc6 Qe6+ 5.Kb7 Nc5+ 6.Ka7 Qa6+ 7.Kb8 Qc6 8.Rd6 Nd7+ 9.Ka7 Qc5+–+

1…Qxf4 selfpin
1…Qb5 2.Rdc4 Kh5 3.Kf7 Kg4 4.Ke8 Kxf4 5.e6=

2.Kd5+? Kf5 3.Rcc4 Qxe5+ 4.Kc6 Qe6+ 5.Kc7 Qe7+ 6.Kc6 Nf6–+
2.Ke7+? Kg7 3.Kd8 Qxe5–+

a) 2…Kg5
2…Kf5 3.Rcc4=

thematic try 3.Rxe4? Qxe4 4.e6 Qf5 5.Rd6 Kf6 6.Kd8 Ke5 7.e7 Kxd6 8.e8Q Qa5+ 9.Kc8 Qc7#

3…Qf5+ or Qf7+ 4.Kc6!
4.Kc7? Nc3! 5.Rg4+ Kh5 6.Kd6 Nb5+ 7.Kc6 Na7+! 8.Kc7 Qf7+ 9.Kb6 Nc8+ 10.Ka5 Qa7+ 11.Kb4 Nb6– +

4…Qe6+ 5.Kb7
5.Kb5? Qxe5+–+

5…Ng3 6.Rg4+ Kf5 7.Rcf4+ Kxe5 8.Rc4! Qd7+ 9.Kb6 Qd3 10.Rg5+ Kf6 11.Rcc5=

6.Rc6 switchback

6.Ra4? Qf7+ 7.Kb6 Qb3+ 8.Rab4 Qe3 9.e6 Nd3! 10.Rb5+ Kf6 11.Rbd5 Kxe6–+

6…Qxe5 7.Rcd6=

7.Kc8? Qb5 8.Rcd6 Ng4 9.e6 Nf6 10.Kc7 Kg6 11.Kc8 Kf5–+

7…Nd3 8.e6 Ne5 9.Rc5!
9.e7? Qf7–+

9…Kf6 10.e7!=

10.Rdd5 pin transformation of knight from queen to king. 10…Kf4 11.Rxe5 draw,

b) 2…Kh5 3.Rxe4!
thematic try 3.Rcc4? Qf7+ 4.Kc6 Qe8+ 5.Kb6 Ng5! 6.Rh4+ Kg6 7.Rcf4 Qd8+ 8.Kb7 Nf3 9.Rf6+ Kg5 10.Rhf4 Nd4 11.Rf7 Qd5+ 12.Kb8 Qxe5+–+

3…Qxe4 4.e6 Qf5 5.Rd6! Kg6 6.Kd8 Qf8+ 7.Kd7 Qf5 8.Kd8 Qe5 9.Kd7 positional draw, or 9…Kf6 10.e7+ Kf7 11.Rf6+! draw.
Reciprocal change of solution and try – of moves 3.Rcc4 and 3.Rxe4