Nº21 Leonid Topko


Section B.2.

Leonid Topko (Ukraine)


1.Ne3+ Rc4
1…Kh3 2.Bxd7 Rc7 3.Nxc7 Qg7 4.Rff4 Qxd7+ 5.Ne6 Qh7+ 6.Kg5 Qg8+ 7.Kf6 Qh8+ 8.Kg6=

2.Rxc4+ Kh5 3.Rh4+!
3.Ng7+? Qxg7 4.Rh4+ Kxh4 5.Nxg2+ Kh5 6.Be2+ Kh6–+ themed mock game

3…Kxh4 4.Nxg2+ Kh3 5.Nf4+ Qxf4+ 6.Kxf4 g2 7.Rf3+ Kh4 8.Rh3+!!
8.Ng7? g1Q (8…h1Q? 9.Nf5+ Kh5 10.Ng3+ Kg6 11.Nxh1 gxh1Q 12.Bxd7=) 9.Nf5+ Kh5 10.Rh3+ Kg6 11.Rh6+ Kf7 12.Bxd7 h1Q–+

8…Kxh3 9.Bxd7+ Kh4 10.Ng7!
10.Nd6? Kh5! 11.Nf5 Kg6–+ false play

10…g1Q 11.Nf5+ Kh3 12.Ne3+ Kh4 13.Nf5+ Kh3 14.Ne3+= draw by perpetual check

11.Nf5+ Kh3 12.Nd4+ Kh4
12…Kh2?? 13.Nf3#

13.Nf5+ Kh3
13…Kh5?? 14.Be8#

14.Nd4+ Kh4 15.Nf5+= draw with perpetual check

The etude presents the Russian theme – a synthesis of the theme of the change of a multiphase etude and the Ukrainian theme Article by the author in «Problemist of Ukraine» No. 1 2019
White in both phases of the decision makes correct and incorrect sacrifices of two pairs of his pieces = logical study