Nº19 Peter S. Krug


Peter S. Krug (Austria)

1/3 Prize – StrateGems -2017


1.Rh3! Bd7!
1…Rxf4 2.Bh7+ Kf8 3.Nhg6 Bxg6 4.Nxg6+ Kf7 5.Dxe7+ mate
or 1…Qc8 2.Nf5 Rxf5 (2…Qxf5 3.Bxf5 Rxf5 4.Qe4 Rh5 5.Rxh5 Bxh5 6.Qc4 +-) 3.Bh7+ Kf8 4.Bxf5 Qxf5 5.Rh8+ mate

2.f5? Bg5! =

2…Kxh7 3.Qe4+!
3.Nf5+? Rh6 4.Nxh6 Bxh3 =

3…Kg8 4.Qd5/c4+ Kh7
4…Be6 5.Nhg6 +-

5.Nxd7? Rb1+! 6.Kh2 Qxf4+ 7.g3 Qh6! 8.Qe4+ Kg8 9.Nxf8 Bxf8 10.Qc4+ Kh7 =

5…Rxf4 6.Nhf3+ Bh4 7.Ng5+ Kh8 8.Ng6+ mate

6.Kh2 Rh1+
6…Bxe6 7.Nf5+ Kg8 8.Nxe7+ mate

7.Kxh1 Qb1+ 8.Kh2 Qg1+ 9.Kxg1 Bc5+ 10.d4!
10.Kh2? Bxe6 =

10…Bxe6 11.f5!
11.Nf5+? Kg8 12.dxc5 Rxf5 13.Rxc3 Rxf4 =

11…Bxd4+ 12.Kh1 Bxe5
12…g5 13.Nhf3+ Kg8 14.Nxd4 c2 15.Rc3 Bxf5 16.Kh2 +-
or 12…g6 13.Nhf3+ Kg7 14.Nxd4 Bxf5 15.Rxc3 +-

13.Ng6+ Kg8 14.Rh8+ Kf7 15.Rxf8+ mate

The key, a movement from a competition´s game. Then a variety of lines in the attack on the king, culminating in mate and in winning positions. Without a doubt a study of the pleasure for the fans of the resolution and also didactic for the exercise of the combinative game.