Nº 74 Amil Meylán & Jorge M. Kapros

H#5 (2-9) C+

Amil Meylán & Jorge M. Kapros


1.Dc7 exd5 2. O-O-O d6 3. Kb7 dxc7 4. Tb8 c8=D+ 5. Ka8 Da6#
1.Df7 e5 2 Kf8 e6 3. Kg7 exf7 4. Tg8 f8=D+ 5. Kh8 Dh6#

Theme and comment:

There were two sections, a thematic section and a free theme section. This problem got 6th Prize in the thematic section.

Theme of the tourney: h#4-6 with two solutions, one of the solutions with black 0-0 or black 0-0-0, the another solution without black 0-0 or 0-0-0.

Complete harmony move by move in the solutions (2. 0-0-0 and 2. Kf8 are king moves)