Nº 6 Jan Timman & Mario G. García


Section B.1.

Jan Timman & Mario García (Netherlands –Argentina)


Themes: Promotion of knights – Culmination in mate

1.c8N+? Kb8! 2.a7+ Ka8 3.Nb6+ Kxa7 4.Ndc8+ Kb8=

1…Bc1+! 2.Kxc1 dxe2 3.Rg4!! hxg4
3…Kb6 4.d8Q! Rxd8 5.cxd8Q+ Rxd8 6.Bxd8+-

4.Bf2+! Rxf2
4…Ka8 5.Kd2!+-

5.Nc8+ Ka8 6.Nb6+ Ka7 7.c8N+ Rxc8
7…Kb8 8.a7+ Kc7 9.a8N+ Kb8 (9…Kd8 10.c7# mate) 10.c7+ Kb7 11.d8N+ Rxd8 12.cxd8N+ Kb8 13.Nc6+ Kb7 14.Nd6# mate

8.dxc8N+ Kb8 9.a7+ Kc7 10.Nd5+ Kd8
10…Kxc8 11.a8Q# mate

11.c7+ Kd7
11…Ke8 12.Nd6+ Kd7 13.c8Q+-

12.Ncb6+ Kd6 13.Nc4+ Kc5
13…Kxd5 14.a8Q+-

14.c8Q+ Kd4 15.Qxg4+ Be4
15…Kc5 16.Kd2!+-

Try :
16.Qg7+ Kxc4 17.Ne3+ (17.Nb6+ Kd3 18.Qg3+ (18.Qd7+ Ke3 19.Nc4+ Kf4 20.Qc7+ Kg4!=) 18…Rf3 19.Qd6+ Ke3 20.Nc4+ Kf2 21.Qc5+ Kg3!=) 17…Kd3 18.Nxg2 Rf1+ 19.Kb2 Bxg2 20.Qxg2 Rb1+ 21.Kxb1 e1Q+= jaques continuos

16…e1Q+ 17.Kxe1 Rf1+ 18.Ke2!
Try :
18.Kd2? g1Q 19.Qxg1+ Rxg1 20.a8Q Rg2+ 21.Ke1 Bxd5 22.Qa6 Kxc4 23.b6+ Kc3 24.Qc8+ Kb3!=

18…g1Q 19.Qxg1+ Rxg1 20.a8Q Rg2+!
20…Bxd5 21.Qa7+-

21.Kf1! Bxd5 22.Qa6!
22.Qc8? Rg8 23.Qd7 Kxc4=

22…Kxc4 23.b6+ Kc3
23…Kc5 24.b7 Bxb7 25.Qxb7 Rd2 26.Qe4+-

24.Qc8+! Kd4
24…Kb3 25.Qh3+ Kc4 (25…Kc2 26.Qf5+-) 26.Qxg2 Bxg2+ 27.Kxg2 b3 28.b7 b2 29.b8Q+-

25.b7+- wins

In solution two coronations of Knights – In main line four coronations of Knights