Nº 2 Luboš Kekely


Section B.1.

Luboš Kekely (Slovakia)


1.Kc3? Kb1 2.Rb7+ Kc1=

1…Kb1 2.Rh7 Rxd6 3.Rxh4 Kc1 4.Kc4+-
1…Nf5 2.e4 Rxd6 3.Ra7+ Kb1 4.exf5 Kc1 5.Kc4+-

2.Rg7? Rb2+ 3.Kc3 Rxe2=

2…Rb2+ refusal to capture 3.Kc3 Rxe2
3…Ng6 4.Nc4 Rxe2 5.Kb3+- as main line

4.Nc4 Ng6
4…Ng2 5.Rd7! Ne3 6.Nd2 Nd1+ 7.Kc2 Ne3+ 8.Kb3+-
4…Rh2 5.Kb3 Rh3+ 6.Kc2 Rh2+ 7.Nd2+-

5.Ra7+? Ra2 6.Rg7 Rg2! 7.Nd2 Rg3+ 8.Kc2 Ka2=

5…Re1 6.Rf2!
6.Kc2? Ne7! 7.Rf8 Re2+ 8.Nd2 Rxd2+! 9.Kxd2 Kb2 10.Rb8+ Ka3 11.Kc3 Nd5+=

6…Ne5 7.Ra2+ Kb1 8.Rb2+ Ka1 9.Nd2 Re3+ 10.Kc2 Nc4 11.Nb3+ refusal to capture 11…Rxb3 12.Rxb3 Ka2 13.Kc3+-

7.Kc2 Rb4 8.Kc3 Rb7 9.Rf6
9.Rf1+ Ka2 10.Rf2+ Ka1 11.Rf6+- is only waste of time

9…Rc7! 10.Kb3! refusal to capture
10.Rxg6? Kb1 11.Kb3 Rb7+=

10…Nf4! 11.Rh6! refusal to capture
11.Rxf4? Rb7+ 12.Kc3 Rc7!=

11…Rb7+ 12.Nb6
12.Kc2 Ra7! 13.Kb3 Rb7+ 14.Nb6+- is only waste of time

12…Rxb6+ 13.Rxb6 Kb1 14.Rf6+-

13.Re6!+- refusal tu capture and wins. Miniature. Mate threats. Sacrifices. Fivefold refusal to capture – four from white and one from black. Win in position with the same material.[13.Rc6? Kb1=; 13.Rf6? or Rd6? 13…Nf2=