Nº 10 Michal Hlinka & Mario García


Section B.1.

Michal Hlinka & Mario G. García ( Slovakia- Argentina)

Theme: End of game, of knigt and pawns of each side


Twin A

1.Kf7? Kxb2 2.Kxe6 Kc3=

1…Kb3 2.b5 Kb4 3.b6 Nc4 4.b7!
4.Kf7? Nxb6 5.Nh3 Nd5 6.Kxe6 Kc5 7.Kf5 d3! (7…Ne3+? 8.Ke4+-) 8.exd3 Kd4 9.e6 Ne7+ 10.Kf6 Nd5+ 11.Kf7 Ke3!÷

4…Nxe5+ 5.Kf6 Nc6
5…Nd7+ 6.Ke7+-

6.Nf3 Kc5 7.Ne5 Nb8 8.Kxe6 Kb6 9.Nd7+ Nxd7 10.Kxd7 Kxb7 11.Kd6 Kb6 12.Kd5+- Wins


Twin B) – wK in b8

1.b4! Kb3
1…Nd5 2.b5 Kb3-Similar

2.b5 Nd5 3.Ka7!
Try : 3.Kc8? Kc4 4.Kd7 Kxb5 5.Kxe6 Kc5 6.Nh3 d3 7.exd3 Kd4 8.Kd6 Ne3 9.Nf2 Nf5+ 10.Ke6 Ne3! 11.Kf6 Nd5+!= positional draw

3…Kc4 4.b6 Nxb6 5.Kxb6 Kd5 6.Nh3!
Try: 6.Nf3? d3! 7.exd3 stalemate (or 7.e3 Ke4 8.Nd2+ Kxe3=)

6…Kxe5 7.Nf2 Kf4 8.Nd1 Kg3
or 8…e5 9.Kc5 Kg3 10.Kc4+- see solution

9.Kc5 e5 10.Kc4 Kg2 11.Kd3 Kf1 12.Kd2!
12.Nb2? Ke1 13.Nc4 e4+=

12…e4 13.Nb2!+- wins

[13.Ne3+? dxe3+ 14.Kxe3 Ke1!=]


Twin C- wK in g5

1.Nf3? d3! (1…Kxb2? 2.Nxd4+-; 1…Kb3? 2.Kf6+-) 2.exd3 Nd5 3.Nd4 (3.b4 Kb2=) 3…Nb4 4.b3 Nxd3 (ab) 5.Kf6 Kb2 (ba) 6.Kxe6 Kc3=;
1.Kf6? Kxb2=

1…Nc4 2.Nf3+-

2.b5 Nd5 3.Nh3!
3.Kg6? Kc4 4.Kf7 Kxb5 5.Kxe6 Kc5 6.Nh3 d3 7.exd3 Kd4 8.Kd6 Ne3 9.Nf4 Nf5+=

3…Kc4 4.Nf4 Nxf4
4…Nb6 5.Nxe6+-