Nº21 Daniele Gatti


Section B.2.

Daniele Gatti (Italy)


with two lines :

A) 1…Bxh7 2.Rb2! a1R

2…a1Q stalemate
2…axb2 stalemate
2…a1N 3.Rh2+ Kg6 4.Rh6+ Kxh6 stalemate

3.Rh2+ Kg6 4.Rh1! Ra2
4…Bg8 5.Rxa1 Bc4 6.Rxa3 positional draw

5.Rh2! Bg8 6.Rxa2 Bxa2= stalemate

B) 1…Kg6 2.Rh1 Bd5 3.Ra5 Bxh1 4.Rxa3 Bd5 5.Rxa2 Bxa2= stalemate

Author Note: This is an improvement of my study published on 10° UAPA International Tournament in 2019. Now it shows two thematical identical stalemates obtained with different strategies.