Nº8 Jan Timman & Mario Garcia


Section A

Jan Timman & Mario Garcia (Netherlands-Argentina)


1.b6! Bxb6
Main- 1…Nxb6 2.Ne5! Nd7! 3.Nd3+ Kb3 4.Nc1+ Kb4 5.Rc2 Nf6+ 6.Kf5! Nd5 7.Rd2 Ne3+ (7…Nh3 8.Ne2 Nc3 9.Ng1 Nxg1 10.Rxg2=) 8.Ke4 Nf3 9.Rb2+! (9.Rxg2? Ng5+ 10.Kf4 Nxg2+ 11.Kxg5 Be3+–+) 9…Kc4 10.Ne2 Ng5+ 11.Kf4 Nd1 (11…Ne6+ 12.Ke4 Nd4 13.Ng1=) 12.Rc2+! Kd3 13.Ra2 Be3+ 14.Kf5! (14.Kg4? Nf2+ 15.Kh4 Nf3+ 16.Kh5 Bd2–+) 14…Nh3 (14…Nf3 15.Nf4+ Bxf4 16.Rxg2=) 15.Kg4 Nc3 (15…Ndf2+ 16.Kf3=) 16.Nc1+ Bxc1 17.Rxg2= Fortress arriving at a configuration of the Rook against NNB;
or 1…Ne2 2.bxa7 g1Q 3.a8Q Qxg3+ 4.Kf5 Nd4+ 5.Kf6 Qd6+ 6.Kg5=

2.Nxb6 Ne2!
2…Nxc5 3.Nc4+ Kc3 4.Ne3=
2…Nxb6 3.Re5! Kc3 4.Re1=

3.Nxa4+ Ka3
3…Kb3 4.Rb5+ Kxa4 5.Rb1=

4.Nc3? Nxc3 5.Rxc3+ Kb2 6.Rf3 g1Q–+

4…Kb4 5.Nc3! g1Q
5…Kxc3 6.Ra1=

6.Nxe2 Qe3! 7.Rf5! Qxe2+ 8.Kh3! Qe6 9.g4!=

Fortress taking advantage of the position of the rook and pawn of the knight column against the Queen