Nº33 Vladislav Tarasiuk


Section B.1.

Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine)


White’s chance of using the unfortunate position of the black king at the edge of the board.
The trap for white has already been put in the starting position of the study – is it losing the tempting
1.Nxg6? Re1+ 2.Ne7+ Rxe7+ 3.Kxe7 Bxf1 4.h6 gxh6 5.gxh6 Bd3–+
1.h6? gxh6 2.Nc6 bxc6 3.Bxa6+ Rxa6 4.Rxa6 hxg5 5.hxg5 c4 6.Ra2 c5 7.Kf7 c6 8.Kxg6 Be5=

1…dxc6 2.Bh3#

2.Ne7+ Rxe7+ 3.Kxe7 gxh5
3…Bxf1 4.h6 gxh6 5.gxh6 Bd3 6.h7+-

4.Rxa6! g2! The best defense.
4…bxa6 5.Bxa6#

5.Rf6!! The climax of the fight!
Try: 5.Rh6? gxh6 6.Bxg2 c6! 7.g6 Be5=

5…gxf6 6.Bxg2 fxg5 7.Bc6!! Sacrifice White’s third piece to the black pawns on the 7th rank.
7.hxg5? c6 8.g6 Be5=

7…gxh4 8.Bxd7#

8.hxg5 h4 9.g6 h3 10.g7 h2 11.g8Q+ win