Nº5 Peter S. Krug


Section B.1.

Peter S. Krug (Austria)


1.Kg7 Re7+ 2.Kh6 Re8 3.Rf6 Ke5
3…Ke4 4.Kg7 Nf4 5.Rh6 Kf5 6.h8Q Rxh8 7.Rxh8 Kg5 8.h6+-

4.Rf7 Ke4
or 4…Ra8 5.Ra7 but not (5.Kg7? Nf4=) 5…Rb8 6.Kg7 Nf4 7.h8Q Rxh8 8.Kxh8 Nxh5 9.Ra5 +-
or 4…Rb8 5.Rb7!+-
or 4…Rc8 5.Rc7!+-
or 4…Ke6 5.Kg7+-

5.Re7+! Rxe7 6.h8Q Ne5 7.Qb8!
try : 7.Qc8? Rf7 ! 8.Kg5 Nf3+ 9.Kg4 (9.Kg6 Ne5=) 9…Rg7+ 10.Kh3 Ng1+ 11.Kh4 Nf3+ =

7…Rf7 8.Kg5! Rf5+
8…Nf3+ 9.Kg6 Ne5+ 10.Qxe5+!+-

9.Kh4 Nf3+ 10.Kg3 Rg5+ 11.Kf2 Ne5 12.Qh8!
12.h6? Ng4+=

12…Nd3+ 13.Kf1! Rf5+ 14.Kg1 Rg5+ 15.Kh2 Ne5 16.Kh3 Nf3 17.Qe8+!
17.h6? Ng1+ 18.Kh4 Nf3+=

17…Kf4 18.Qf7+!
18.Qf8+? Ke3 19.h6 Rh5+ =

18…Ke3 19.h6 Kf2
19…Ng1+ 20.Kh4 Nf3+ 21.Qxf3+-

20.Qa2+ Win Black was able to build a fortress and is threatened with perpetual check. The study ends here. White now has many possibilities to get to the g4-square and by this queen sacrifice to cancel Black’s intentions. [20.Qa7+ win ]

20…Kf1 e.g. 21.Qc4+ Kf2 22.Qg4 [22.Qf4? Rg1!=] 22…Rxg4 23.Kxg4 Ne5+ 24.Kf5 [24.Kh5? Nd7!=] 24…Nf7 25.h7+-