Nº14 Michael Pasman


Section B.2.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


Black has Queen and Rook more. The only white’s weapon are his pawns, but he must use it correctly. 1.b8N+!
1.Bf5+? Kc6 2.b8N+ Kb7–+

1…Kc8 2.e8Q+!
2.d7+? Kb7 3.e8Q Ra4+!–+

2…Qxe8 3.d7+ Qxd7 4.Nxd7 Kxd7 Compare this position to start position. All pieces positions is the same, only Black Queen and White’s b7,d6 and e7 pawns disappeared. Still Black has additional Rook. How can White take advantage of his remaining advanced pawns?

Thematic try : 5.Bf5+!? Kd8 6.Kb3 Ra5!–+

5…Ra8 6.Bf5+!
6.b7? Rb8–+

6…Ke7 7.bxc7!=

7.b7 Rb8 8.c6 Ke7 9.Kc4! Kd6
9…Rf8 10.Bc8! (10.Kd3? Rd8+!–+) 10…Rf4+ 11.Kd3! Rb4 12.Kxd2=

10.Kb5? Rf8–+

10…Ba5 11.Kb5= Same on other bishop moves

11.Kb5! Rf8 Frees the Rook – the only try to win. In other case White simply stands and it is Positional Draw
11…Rd8 12.Ka6 with threat Bc8;
11…Bb6 for example 12.Ka6 Kc5 13.Be8!! Rxe8 14.b8Q! Rxb8= Stalemate

12.Bc8!? Ba7–+

12…Kc5 Otherwise Bc8 13.Bc8! Rf1 14.b8Q Ra1+ 15.Kb7 Rb1+ 16.Ka8 Rxb8+ 17.Kxb8=