Nº14 Michael Pasman


Section B.1.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.e7 Be6+! 2.Kxe6!
Thematic try : 2.Kd8 Bd7! 3.Kxd7 Ng8 4.e8N Nh6= and the knight is out; 2.Kc7 Bd7!

2…Ng8! 3.e8N!
3.e8Q Stalemate
3.e8R Stalemate
3.Kf7 Nxe7=

3…Nh6 4.h3! blocks then knight
4.Nc7? Ng4=

4…Ng8 5.Kd7! (5.Nd6? Nf6=) 5…Nh6 6.Nd6! Kg8 7.Ke7 Kh8 8.Kf8+-

5.Ke7? Nf5+?; 5.Nd6? Kf8!=
5.Nc7 Kh8 wastes time – now no better then go back 6.Ne8 (6.Ke5? Ng8! threat Ne7 7.Nd5 Ne7!!=)

In case of 5…Kh8 White executes the same plan , but with other path with the knight 6.Nd6! (thematic try : 6.Nc7? Ng8! 7.Nd5 Ne7!=) 6…Kg8 7.Ne4 Kf8 8.Ng5 Kg8 9.Ke4 /f4 9…Kf8 10.Ne6+! Kg8 11.Kf4! Kh8 12.Ng5! Kg8 13.Nh7!

6.Nd6? Ng8! 7.h4 Ne7 8.h5 Ng8 9.Ke6 Nh6 10.Nf7 Ng4 is already draw

6…Ng8 7.Ne6+

7.Ne6! Kh8 8.Ng5 /d8 8…Kg8 9.Ke4 /f4 Triangle with the King
9.Ke6 Kf8! and the only move is to return to e5, because 10.Nh7+ Ke8 11.Ng5= Ng8! Knight is out

9…Kh8 10.Nf7+-

10.Ne6+ Kg8
10…Ke7 11.Ke5! and Nxg7

11.Kf4! Kh8 12.Ng5!
12.Ke5? Ng8!=

12…Kg8 13.Nh7!
Other moves are just waste of time, for example : 13.Nf3 Kf8 14.Nd4 Kg8 15.Ne6 Kh8 and White has no better then to return to previous position with 16.Ng5
or 13.Ke4 Kf8 14.Ne6+ Kg8 15.Kf4 Kh8

13…Kh8 14.Ke5!
14.Ke4? Ng8! and Ne7 next is draw

14…Ng8 15.Ke6 Nh6 the same

15.Ke6 Kh8 16.Ng5 Kg8 17.Nf7!
17.Ke5 Kf8 18.Ne6+ Kg8 19.Ke4 Kh8 20.Ng5 Kg8 21.Nh7 Kh8 just wastes time – and White has nothing better then to return to main line 22.Ke5 Kg8 23.Ke6 Kh8 24.Ng5 Kg8 25.Nf7

17…Nxf7 18.gxf7+ Kf8 19.h4 g6 20.Kf6 g5 21.h5+-