Nº9 Vladimir Kuzmichev


Section A

Vladimir Kuzmichev (Russia)


Tematic echo try: 1.gh? – after this move a completely new original study appears 1…Ke8! 2.~ Qf8# (1…g5? 2.Rf7+!! K*f7/Q*f7 – stalemate, = =) 2.Rf7!! (after 2.K*g7 Qg5+! 3.Kh8 – black wins (bw), for example: 3.Kh8 Qf6+ 4.Rg7 Qe5 5.Kg8 Qe6+ 6.Rf7 Q*f7 7.Kh8 Qf8# 6.Kh8 Qf6 7.Kg8 Qf8#) 2…Q*h7+!! – original counter sacrifice (!) (2…Q*f7? – model stalemate) 3.K*h7 K*f7! –

bw Solution: 1.Rf7+!! Q*f7 2.gh!! Ke7/~ – model stalemate (2.gf? – bw ) T
his solution has been met before In a themed try, black refuses to take white’s main piece and instead takes a pawn – sacrificing the Queen to win! In the solution, on the contrary, white sacrifices the rook and then refuses to take black’s strongest piece – the Queen, and instead takes a pawn to achieve a draw. Synthesis of an echo of the ideas in the try and the solution!

After Jindrich Fritz, 1965 (FEN 5k1K/3R2pp/5qP1/8/8/8/8/8)