Nº15 Jarl Henning Ulrichsen


Section B.2.

Jarl Henning Ulrichsen (Norway)


1.Kf7! This is the only move that lets White obtain the opposition so that Black is forced to play Bg3â (+)h2. If Black has the opposition with his Bishop on g3 then White is lost. [
A.1.Kd7? Kb6 2.Kd6 (2.Ke6 Kc5 3.e3 Kc6 (opposition) 4.Kf6 Kd5 5.Kf5 Bf2 6.d4 e4 7.Kf4 Bg1–+) 2…e4+ 3.Kd5 e3 4.Ke4 Bf2–+
B. 1.Ke7? Kb6 2.e3 Kc7 (opposition) 3.Ke6 Kc6 4.Kf6 Kd5 5.Kf5 Bf2–+

1…Kb6 2.e3
2.Ke6? Kc5 3.e3 Kc6–+ (opposition)
2.Kf6? Kc5 3.e3 Kd5 4.Kf5 Bf2–+

2…Kb7 3.Kf6! Now White threatens to play d4 followed by Kf5.
3.Ke7? Kc7 (opposition) 4.Ke6 Kc6 5.Kf5 Kd5-+
3.Ke6? Kc6 (opposition) 4.Kf6 Kd6 5.Kf5 Kd5 6.Kg4 Bf2 7.Kf3 Bg1 8.Ke2 Ke6 9.Kf3 Kf5–+
3.Kg6? Kc6 (opposition) 4.Kf6 Kd6–+ etc.

3…Kc6 4.Ke6! Finally White has the opposition! 4…Bh2
4…Kc5 5.d4+=

5.Kf5 Kd5 6.Kg4 Ke6
6…Bg1 7.Kf3=

7.Kf3 Kf5 8.Kg2= and the Black bishop is trapped.