Nº31 Jarl Henning Ulrichsen


Section B.2.

Jarl Henning Ulrichsen (Norway)


Symmetrical position and assymmetrical solution. Underpromotion in the solution and in the try with only five men.

1.b5? Rb1 2.Kf7 Rxb5 3.Kg6 Kf3 4.h5 Kg4 5.h6 Rb6+ 6.Kg7 Kg5 7.h7 Rb7+ 8.Kg8 Kg6 and now 9.h8N+–+ loses.

1…Kf3+ 2.Kf7= draws.
1…Ke3 2.Kf7= draws.
1…Kd3+ 2.Kf7= draws.

2.Kd7 Rxh5
2…Rb1 3.Ke6 Rxb4 4.Kf6= draws.

3.Kc6 Kd3 4.b5 Kc4 5.b6 Rh6+ 6.Kc7 Kc5 7.b7 Rh7+ 8.Kc8 Kc6 And now 9.b8N+= draws.