Nº12 Marc Gelly


Section B.1.

Marc Gelly (France)


1.Kg6? K×g2 2.h6 Nd7 3.Kf7 Nf6 4.Ke6 Nh7 5.Kd7 Bg5 6.K×c6 B×h6 =

1…Nd7 2.g5 Ne5!
2…Bc7 3.g6 Bf4+ 4.Kg7 K×e2 5.h6! Bd2 6.b5! ç×b5 7.c6 Bc3+ 8.Kg8 +-

3.g6 Ng4+ 4.Kg7!
4.Kh7? Nf6+ 5.Kh6 is loss of time.

4…Bg5 5.e4! Bd2 6.e5! N×e5 7.Kh7! Nd7 8.g7 Nf6+ 9.Kg6! Ng8 10.b5! c×b5 11c6 +-

TRY5.Kh8? K×e2 6.g7 Ke3! 7.b5 c×b5 8.g8Q Be5+ 9.Qg7 b4 10.ç6 B×g7 11.K×g7 b3 draw. (Nalimov T.6m)
5.Kf7? Nh6+ 6.Kg7 (6.Ke6 K×e2 =) Ng4 is loss of time.

5…Be5+ 6.Kf7 Nh6+ 7.Ke6 +-

6.Kf8? Ke3! =

6…Nh6+ 7.Kf6!
7.Ke6? Kf3 8.Kd7 Bf4 9.K×c6 Kg4! =

7…Kf3 8.g7!!
8.e5? Ng4+ =

8…K×e4 9.b5!!
9.Kg6? Bf4! 10.b5 Kd5! =

9…Be5+ 10.Kg6 Nf5 11.h6! c×b5 12.c6 b4 13.c7! B×c7 14.h7 N×g7 15.h8Q +-

10.Kg6(ç6) Bf4
10…Nf5 11.h6 Be5 12.c6 +- idem analysis after 9…Be5+

11.ç6(Kg6) Nf5
11…Ng8 12.c7 B×c7 13.h6 +-

12.h6!! B×h6
12…N×h6 13.c7! Ng8 14.c8Q Ne7+ 15.Kf6 N×c8 16.g8Q +-

13.g8Q Ne7+ 14.Kf7! N×g8 15.c7 Ne7 16.K×e7 Bf4 17.c8Q WIN .+

THEME:The whole white army:only five pawns.Three are sacrificed.This allows the EXCELSIOR THEME.g2…g8Q.