Nº13 Dmitry Zilberstein


Section B.1.

Dmitry Zilberstein (USA)


1.Ba6? Bc6 2.Bb7 Nxb4 3.Bxb4 Ra7 4.Kxf6 Rxb7 5.Ne5 Nd4 6.Bc3 Nb3 7.Nxc6 Nxc5=
1.Kxf6? Nxb4 2.d7 (2.Bxb4 Rxf3 3.d7 Rd3 4.Ke7 Nd4=) 2…Nd5+ 3.Ke5 Ne7=

1…Bxd7 2.Bxd7 Nxc5
2…Nc3 3.c6 Nd5 4.Nd2!+- followed by Ne4 wins

3.bxc5 Rxa5
3…Rxf3? 4.c6+-

4.c6 Ng3!! With Stalemate sacrifice ideas on f5
4…Rc5 5.Kxf6+- Winning

5.Kxf6? Nxf5! Stalemate sacrifice 6.c7 (6.Bxf5 Rxf5+ 7.Kxf5=) 6…Rc5 7.c8Q Rxc8 8.Bxc8 Nxh4=
5.c7? Rc5 6.c8Q Rxc8 7.Bxc8 Nxf5! Stalemate sacrifice

5…Ne4 6.c7 Ra7 7.Nb5 Rxc7 8.Nxc7 Kxh4 9.Kg6+-

6.Nb3? Rd3! 7.Na5 Rc3 8.Kxf6 Nxf5! 9.Bxf5 Rc5=

6…Kxh4 7.Ng7!!
7.c7? Nxf5=

7…h5 8.Kxf6 Kg4 9.Ke6+-
7…Ne4!? 8.Kg6!! Rc5 9.Ne8 h5 10.c7 Nd6 11.Nxd6 Rxc7 12.Be6+- Kg4 13.Ne8+-
7… Rd6 8. Kg6!+- (8. Ke7? Rxc6! 9. Bxc6 Kg5=)

8.Ke7! Ra5!
8…Rd1 9.Ne6+ Kg4 10.Kxf6 Rc1 11.Ke5+-

9. Ne6+ Kh4!? (9… Kxf5 10. c7 same as the main line)10. Nd4 Kg5 11. c7 Ra8 12. Ne6+ (same as the main line)

9…Ra8 10.Ne6+ Kxf5 11.Nd4+
11.Nd8+ Kg5 12.Nc6= – same as the main line

11…Kg6 12.Nc6 Kg5+- same as the main line but with the pawn on h6
11…Kf4 12.Nc6 Kg5 same as the main line but with the pawn on h6(12…h5 13.Nb8 Nf5+ 14.Ke6+-)

12.Nc6 h5 13.Ke6!!
13.Nb8? Nf5+ 14.Kd8 (14.Bxf5?? Ra7–+) 14…Nd6 15.Ke7 Nf5+=

13…Nf5! 14.Kd5!!
14.Nb8? Ra1! 15.c8Q? Re1+=

14…Ne3+ 15.Kd4!
15.Kc5? Kf4 16.Be6 h4 17.Kb6 h3=

15…Kf4! 16.Ne7!!+- Main idea Bc6, secondary idea Nc6 in more favorable situation than now
16.Nb8? Ra1!=

16…h4 17.Bc6 Nf5+ 18.Nxf5 Rc8 19.Ne7]

17.Kc5! Kg5
17…Ke3 18.Nc6! followed by Nb8(18.Bc6? Rh8 19.Bb7 Nd4!=)
17…. Kg3 18.Bc6 Rh8 19.Nf5+ Kf4 20.Nd6+-

18.Bc6 Rh8 19.Bb7 h4 20.Nc6 Re8 21.Nd8 Re3 22.Bc6+-