Nº32 Vladislav Tarasiuk


Section A.2.

Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine)


Having a far advanced passer, Black, quite naturally, expects to win. Does White have enough potential to cope with the black g2-pawn?!

1.Re1 Bc6!
1…Nf1 2.Re4+ Kd3 3.Rg4=

2.Nb6+ Kb5 3.Nc8!
Try: 3.Nd7? Bd5+! 4.Kxd5 Nf1 5.Rb1+ Ka5! 6.Ra1+ Kb4–+

3…Bd5+! 4.Kxd5 Nf1 5.Nd6+!
Try: 5.Na7+? Kb4! 6.Rb1+ (6.Nc6+ Ka3! 7.Ra1+ Kb2–+) 6…Ka4! 7.Ra1+ Kb3–+

5…Kb4 6.Rb1+!
6.Re4+? Kb3! 7.Rg4 Ne3+ 8.Ke4 Nxg4–+

6…Kc3 7.Nb5+ Kc2 8.Na3+ Kc3 9.Nb5+=

7.Ra1+ Kb3 8.Ne4! Kb2!
8…g1Q 9.Rxf1! Qxf1 10.Nd2+ Kc2 11.Nxf1=

9.Ra2+! Kxa2 10.Nc3+ Kb2 11.Ne2 Kc2 12.Ke4 Ng3+! 13.Kf3!
13.Ke3? Nxe2–+
13.Nxg3? g1Q–+

13…Nxe2 14.Kxg2! draw.

Highly amazingly, the white king, which is positioned on the 6th rank on the diagram, managed to stop the enemy pawn, which at the very beginning is already on the threshold of promotion!..