Nº10 Vladimir Kuzmichev


Section A.1.

Vladimir Kuzmichev (Russia)


1.Kg5? Ka5! 2.Kg6 Ka6! 3.Kg7 Ka7! 4.Kg8 Ka8! 5.Kh8 Kb8! (5…Kb7 6.Kh7 Kb6 7.Kg6 Ka6 8.Kf6 Kb6) 6.Kh7 Kb7! 7.Kh6 Kb6 8.Kg6 Kc6 9.Kf7 Kb7 10.Ke7 (10.Kf6 Kb6!=) 10…Kc7 11.Ke8 Kc8=

1…Ka5 2.Kg5! (2.Kh6? Kb6=; 2.Kg6? Ka6!=) 2…Ka6 3.Kg6! Ka7 4.Kg7! (4.Kh7? Kb7!=; 4.Kh6? Kb6!=) 4…Ka8 5.Kf6! (5.Kh7? Kb7!=; 5.Kh8? Kb8=) 5…Kb7 6.Kf7 Kc7 7.Ke7+-

2.Kh6 Kb7 3.Kh7 Ka7
3…Kb8 4.Kg6! Kc7 5.Kg7 Kc8 6.Kf6! Kd7 7.Kf7! Kc7 8.Ke7!+- First implemented four different Tries thematic attemptswith various denials in the farthest opposition

4.Kg7 Kb7 5.Kf7 Kc7 6.Ke7+- game on the far opposition