Nº20 Harrie Grondijs


Section B.2.

Harrie Grondijs (Netherlands)


1.hxg5? e3 /c4 2.Bd1 hxg5–+

1…Rb7 a time-winning self-pin.
1…Ka7 2.Bxe4 Rh8 3.hxg5 hxg5 4.Bf5! stops Black’s g-Pawn (4.Bg6? g4!–+) 4…Rxh5 5.Kf6=

2.Bxe4 g4 3.Kf5 g3 4.Kg4!
4.hxg3? Kb8–+
4.Bf3? g2–+

4…g2 5.Bxb7+ Kxb7 6.Kxh3 g1Q= stalemate

6.. … g1B the bishop is of the wrong color and after 6. … b1N comes 7. Kg3=