Nº6 Marc Gelly

BTM Draw

Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)


1…..,Ng6! A 2.c4!!B Bc6+ C 3.Kb6! D Ke2 E 4.Kc7!F Kf3Ģ 5.Kd8! K×g4 6.Ke8 Nh8 H 7.Kf8! Kf5! I 8.Kg7(g8) JNg6! Ķ 9.K×f7 Nh8+ L 10.Kg7! M Ke6! N 11.K×h8! Kf7! O 12.c5 Kf8 13.f7 Bd5 14. c6 B×c6 = Stalemate


A / 1…,Bc6+? 2.Kb6,Ng6 3.Kc7!,Ke2 4.Kd8,Kf3 5.Ke8 +-

B / TRY. 2.Kb6?,Ke2 3.Kc7,Be6! 4.c4,Kf3 5.c5,K×g4 6.c6, d×c6 7.d7,B×d7 8. K×d7,Kf5 -+

C / 2…,Bf3 3.Kb6,Ke2 4.Kc7, B×g4 5.c5!,
Kf3 6.c6!,d×c6 7.d7,B×d7 8.K×d7,Kg4 9.Ke8!,Kf5 10.K×f7,Nh8+ 11.Kg7,Ke6 12. K×h8,Kf7 Stalemate.
2…,Be6 3.c5!,Ke2 4.c6!,d×c6 5.K×c6,Kf3 6.d7,B×d7 7.K×d7,K×g4 8. Ke8!,Kf5! 9. K×f7,Nh8+ 10.Kg7,Ke6 =

D / 3.Kc5?,Ke2 3.Kd4,Kf3 -+

E / 3…,Nh8 4.ģ5 or 4 Kc7 =

F / 4.h8Q,N×h8 5.c5 or 5.Kc7, Kf3 -+; G / 4…,Ke3? 5.Kd8! +-

H / 6…,Kf5 7.K×f7,Nh8+! 8.Kg7!,Ke6 9.K×h8,Kf7 = similar to solution.

I / 7…,Kg5? or 7…,Kh5? 8.Kg7(g8) +-

J / 8 ç5?,K×f6 9 Kg8,Ng6 10 h8Q, N×h8 11 K×h8,Be4 -+

K / 8…,Be4? 9.K×h8,K×f6 10.Kg8,B×h7+ 11.K×h7 +-, L / 9…,Kg5? 10.Kg7 +-

M / 10.Kg8?,K×f6 11.K×h8,Kf7 12.c5,Kg6! 13.Kg8,Bd5+! -+

N / 10…,Ng6? 11.f7 +- ; O / 11…,K×f6? 12.Kg8 +-

THEME :On the chessboard,the white king,isolated in front of an army,join a remote corner where he attracts his opponent (like a magnet!) and obliges this one to provoke the stalemate.