Nº21 Geir Sune Tallaksen,Ostmoe


Section A.2.

Geir Sune Tallaksen,Ostmoe (Norway)


1.Kf8? saves the knight, but loses the game, for example 1…h1Q 2.g7 Qf3+ 3.Ke7 Qg4 4.Kf8 Qf5+ 5.Ke7 Qg6 and White cannot play Kf8.

1…h1Q 2.g7 Qb1+! 3.Nc2!!
3.Kh8? Qxa1 4.Kh7 Qa7! 5.Kh8 (5.Be3 Qf7 6.Kh8 Qh5+ 7.Kg8 Kg4 8.Kf8 Qf5+ 9.Ke7 Qe4+ 10.Kf8 Qf3+–+) 5…Qd4 6.Kh7 Qe4+ 7.Kh8 Qe5 8.Kh7 Qf5+ 9.Kh8 Qf6 10.Kh7 Kh5!–+ wins.

3…Qxc2+ 4.Kh8 Qb2
4…Qc3 5.Bd2!= is similar.

5.Kh7? Qb1+ 6.Kh8 Qa1! transposes to the line after 3.Kh8.

5…Qe5 6.Kh7 Qf5+ 7.Kh8 Qh5+ 8.Kg8 Kg4 9.Kf8 Qf5+ 10.Ke7 Qg6 11.Bb2!
11.Kf8? Qf6+–+ wins.

11…Kg5 12.Kf8=