Nº16 Daniele Gatti


Section A.1.

Daniele Gatti (Italy)


1.g7! Nh5 2.g8N!
2.Kd8? Nxg7 3.Kc8 Nf5! 4.Nc4 Ne7+! 5.Nxe7 Ka7! 6.Nc6+ Ka6=
2.g8Q? Nf6+=

2…Nc2 3.Nge7!
3.Kd7? Ne3 4.Kd6 Nd5! 5.Kxd5 Nf6+ 6.Nxf6 stalemate

3…Ne3 4.Nc8! Nd5 5.Kd7! Nhf4 6.Kd6! Ng6 7.Kxd5 Ne7+ 8.N6xe7!+- (no 8.N8xe7? stalemate )

4.Kf7! Ne3 5.Nc8!
5.Ke6 Ne4! 6.Nc8 Nc5+ 7.Ke5 Na4! 8.Kd4 (8.Ke4 Nc2 9.Kd3 Na3 10.Kd4 Nb5+ 11.Kd5 Na3=) 8…Nf5+! 9.Kc4 Nd6+ 10.Nxd6 Nb6+ 11.Kc5 Nc4 12.Naxc4= stalemate 5.Kxf6? Nd5+ 6.Kf7 Nxe7 7.Kxe7= stalemate

5…Nfd5 6.Ke6 Nc4 7.Nxc4 Kb7 8.N6a7!
8.N8a7 Nb4! 9.Nxb4 Kxa7=

8…Nc7+ 9.Kd7!+-

Themes: Domination- Elimination of the threat of stalemate in the black counterplay