Nº21 Amatzia Avni


Section B.1.

Amatzia Avni (Israel)


1.Bxc6? Bxd7=
1.Rd5+?? Kh4–+

1…Kf6? 2.Rg6+-

2.hxg6? Bxf3=

2…Kxh5 3.Be4
3.Rxg4?= stalemate

3…f3 the move contains a concrete threat: 4…Bf5!

4.Bb1!! a remarkable winning move
4.Rf6? Kg5 tempo 5.Rf8 h5 6.Kb2 h4 7.Kc3 h3=
4.Rg8? Kh4= as the h-pawn is no longer under attack

4…Bf5 5.Rf6 Bxb1 6.Kxb1 the point: The WB is defended by the WK. In the resulting position the King arrives in time to eliminate the black pawns.

5.Rf6 Kg4 6.Kb2! +- precise.
6.Bf5+? Kg5; 6.Be4? Bg2 7.Rxh6 (or 7.Kb2 h5 8.Kc3 h4 9.Kd2 h3=) 7…Bf1! 8.Rf6 Be2=

after the text white wins, e.g 6…Bg2 7.Kc3 Kg3 8.Kd2 Kf2 9.Rxh6 Kg1 10.Be4 f2 11.Bxg2 Kxg2 12.Rg6+ Kf3 13.Rf6+ Kg2 14.Ke2+-